Pro Plan EDC Tallinn

EDC Tallinn

Trail in EDC Tallinn is very interesting, includes lot of turns but no hills.


Track opened: 10:00-12:00
Registration: 11:00-11:45
Opening ceremony: 12:00-12:15
Starts: 13:00
Open track starts: after starts
Kids starts: after starts
Awarding ceremony: ca 16:00

Important info

Medical help for participants neither dogs is not in race site. Emergency number is 112.

Cars has to be parked following the instructions given by organisers.

Smoking is strictly prohibited.

No catering nor water in race day available.

Opened classes

DB RNB – one dog bikejoring (nordic breed)
DB OPEN – one dog bikejoring
DC – one dog canicross
DS1 RNB – one dog scooter (nordic breed)
DS1 OPEN – one dog scooter
DS2 RNB – two dogs scooter (nordic breed)
DS2 OPEN – two dogs scooter
DCK1 – one dog canicross (age up to 9y)
DCK2 – one dog canicross (age 10-13y)
TRAINING – for enthusiasts, simplier


Training class is for sports enthusiasts, who doesn’t want to race for place. The starting intervalles have been expanded to prevent difficult passings in the trail. There are no ranking. Open class is good way to start competing in sleddog sport races. To participate in open class, select the class TRAINING in registration form.

Signs in trail

Trail is marked with IFSS approved markings and with serie markings.

  • Blue square — move straight

  • Red circle — turn marked direction

  • Yellow triangle — difficult element

  • Green square marks the point that is required to pass as right as possible in the trail to verify visiting required point. When passing the line the attached SI-card has to make beep-sound. If the SI-card doesn’t make the sound, the organisers have to be notified when finished immidiately.

Bib number

One complect of bib numbers will be given for all stages. Bib numbers have to be seen from front and back of participant.

In case of losing bib number, replace number will be given from event centre for 5€.

Trail info


Stage organiser

Spordicom MTÜ